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Glass Tabletops

Glass Tabletops

Looking to protect your tabletop from everyday wear and tear or to enhance the look of your living space? Need a basic square piece of glass or a tabletop cut to match a special pattern edge? Look no further than South Coast Glass', your local experts in glass fabrication!

Here at South Coast Glass we specialize in same day service for most cases for glass tabletop orders (ask for details before ordering). This is due to the fact we have an extensive fabrication facility in-house that includes special polishing and beveling machines that can give your tabletops a beautiful edge and finish to meet any need or look you are going for.

Have a table with a pattern edge you need to match? Thats not a problem for our team of expert fabricators!  We can help you match your tabletop with the perfect piece of glass! 

We stock and offer regular clear glass, low-iron starphire glass, and many other varieties not listed here as well for tabletops. Call us today for details!