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Sliding Shower Doors

Dual Slide Shower

Euro Slide

The Dual Slide Shower is the newest addition to our line of frameless sliding shower doors. It features a double sliding door makeup on a square bar with thick, precision cut safety tempered glass with bright machine polished edges. In addition to the new system we have also added special polycarbonate seals to ensure more water tightness and for a tighter close on each side of the shower. This unit comes with standard stafire glass panels for 55-59" openings and also is available in standard 3/8" Clear glass, custom size 3/8" Starfire glass, and other obscure glass options. It is available in 3 finishes: polished stainless, brushed stainless, and Oil Rubbed Bronze. 

Euro Slider Shower

Euro Slide

The Euroslider bar shower is one of our newest and most popular European barn door style shower enclosures. This unit features one sliding door and one fixed panel and uses minimal metal components provide maximum glass area for a feeling of elegance and luxury.  The bar and roller hardware are made from top quality 304 stainless steel for a long lifetime. This unit is available with a choice of either polished stainless, brushed stainless, and also is newly available in oil rubbed bronze hardware.

Bars and roller kits are also available for will call for contractors and homeowners who do not need installation done by our company. Please contact us for details.

EZ Slide Shower

Euro Slide

The frameless EZ Slide shower enclosure utilizes 1/2” tempered glass (here at South Coast Glass we use 1/2" starfire glass standard) and a unique bottom railing system that includes an anti-derail/anti-pinch guard feature and also a unobtrusive top guide. Smooth and quiet, this enclosure also features exceptional water tightness which is accomplished with weep holes drilled into the bottom track and polycarbonate seals on the wall.

Bypass Shower Doors

Bypass Shower

Our semi frameless sliding bypass showers offer high grade finished aluminum extrusions and low profile extrusion that provide more glass area for maximum visual impact. Exposed glass edges are machine bright polished for an elegant effect. This shower is available in a standard 1/4” thick clear glass, other obscure options, and also in a heavy duty unit with 3/8” thick glass if needed. Ask us for details on standard sizes and different options available that we stock. 

Replacement glass and kits are also available for will call for contractors and homeowners who do not need installation done by our company. Please contact us for details. 

In Orange County, CA we serve the cities of San Juan Capistrano, Mission Viejo, Laguna Niguel, San Clemente and Dana Point. Our Oceanside showroom serves San Diego County.